Adore Delano,also known as Danny Noriega came out of the vagina a performer and by the age of 14 he was singing in Hollywood competitions in drag. One year later, 15 year old Danny knew that drag was his calling when he dressed up and performed at a Christian college competition and completely fooled the audience.


Eventually, after consulting with his mother, aka his "own personal Michelle Visage," Danny decided to try out for the reality show competition "American Idol." His mom was supportive of him as always but she wasn't pleased with Danny's idea of auditioning in drag with full makeup and hair. So Danny took her advice and got a mommy makeover. Before he knew it the hair was gone, the makeup was washed away, and the nails were off. At the time they felt his boy look is what "worked"; and Danny made it all the way to 13th place in the Fox competition.


However, with the joy of his success on the show came some sadness. "I never felt so IN drag OUT of drag" Danny told his friends in school while reflecting on his American Idol experience. Being someone who was always 100% true to himself at any cost there was part of Danny that felt ashamed and somewhat regretful for "taming his look" for the show. 


Fast forward a couple of years to the first drag show Danny ever attended, where he let out a confident, "I can do that!"  There was no way Danny was going to live with one more ounce of regret and this time he was going to do things his way and his way only. One month later Danny entered a drag competition in West Hollywood, chose the name ADORE DELANO and the wild child of drag made her epic debut. Adore won that first competition and many more throughout southern California and it all took off from there..


Adore Delano is a live singer, actress, comedienne, drag show host, and a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6. Adore's eclectic style reflects her fearless commitment to being herself at all times her looks have been described as "topless hooker draped in faux fur from the 80s" or "nothing but a teenage queen with wigs n cigs!".


Adore has always felt like an outcast and describes herself as, "a dark horse in a dark horse community." Drunk in a local bar one glorious full moon night Adore and her friend decided they were okay with not fitting in with the other "fishes" in the clubs and decided that they'd rather be MERMAIDS. They said, "As Mermaids we don't quite fit in with the other FISH in the sea, we give no fucks and make no apologies. Mermaids are sweet and beautiful creatures who always dare to be different. The more you tell us to swim one way, we'll go in the opposite direction!"


In response to new queens asking her if they should pursue drag, Adore replied "I want to open the eyes of the kids who have looked up to me over the years, I want share my liberation and my passion that I've had since I was a kid....Drag is what I am born to do and I'm doing no matter how many people don't believe in me. I will create a movement and a gang of peace, love, acceptance, and liberation. When people come to me and ask  "should I do drag?" I always reply, "The answer is in the question." If you are questioning anything DO IT!


I love you all and remember to never give up on your dreams, if the world doesn't believe in you then FUCK the world (with a condom of course) really good and make them change their minds."



A. Delano


Well, now that we got that out of the way,










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